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Christmas Show 2 Programs

This year, we are delighted to present two enchanting programs for you: the first features a dynamic duo with Santa and a Christmas Elf, while the second boasts a trio of beloved characters – Santa Claus, Christmas Elf, and the charming Christmas Ball Kruglya. Santa's Workshop. Somewhere far - far away, at the North Pole, in the workshop of Santa Claus, little Christmas elves work tirelessly. All year long , they prepare for their most favorite children's holiday - Christmas! They clean and sew Santa's coat, mend his battered boots, decorate his staff, and fix his sleigh. Understandibly, in the last month of the year, they get more work than usual. During this time, they start receiving letters from children from all over the world! There is a strict routine among the elves.

The youngest elves work in the department of letters and courier service of Santa Claus' workshop. More experienced and older elves work in the toy department, the same department where Christmas gifts are created with the help of magic and miracles.

Tiny Giftglitter is one of those who has been working in the letter department for decades. He loves to craft and create, and has long dreamed of moving to the service in the toy department. But unfortunately, he fails to pass the most important exam - Christmas Magic. No matter how hard he tried... But it was all in vain. Desperate because of his failures, he decides to travel the world to find new friends and learn the secret of the Christmas Miracle.

This program is designed for children from 3 to 9 years old. The price is $600.


Christmas Journey. The enchanting tale unfolds as an extraordinary event takes place at the Christmas Tree, the annual gathering spot for children eagerly awaiting gifts from Santa Claus. In a whimsical turn of events, a spirited toy named Kruglya decides to embark on an escapade, breaking free from the confines of the familiar tree. Tired of the routine perch on the same branch each year, Kruglya yearns for adventure and dreams of exploring new horizons.

Upon learning of the spirited toy's escapade, Santa Claus dispatches his devoted assistant, Tiny the Christmas Elf, on a thrilling quest to retrieve Kruglya. Santa Claus recognizes the indispensable role Kruglya plays in the meticulous preparations for the upcoming New Year festivities.

Joined by Kruglya, Tiny embarks on a magical journey through the enchanting winter forest, snowy mountains, and even ventures to the North Pole. Together, they weave through a tapestry of wonder, bringing joy and warmth to the hearts of all who encounter their whimsical adventure. This program is designed for children from 3 to 9 years old. The price is $700.



1 hour

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