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Mario and Luigi

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear overalls and a cap, and instead of superpowers, they have super jumps. The most famous plumbers in the world, brothers Mario and Luigi, are in a hurry to free the Mushroom Kingdom from hostile mushrooms and Bowser, the Koopa Troopas' turtle king. Help Mario and Luigi prepare for the upcoming battles!

This program is designed for up to 25 children from 4 to 8 years old.


Party Guide :

  1. Greetings (15 min). Performers come and make a connection with kids. They congratulate the birthday boy(girl), introduce themselves and tell kids their story.

  2. Activities (50 min). It includes active games and obstacle courses.

  3. Balloon twisting (15 min).

  4. Cake cutting and photoshoot (10 min).

We supply everything needed for the entertainment as well as a loudspeaker with party music. If you have special gifts you would like our performers to use please communicate this with us in advance.


1h 30 min

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