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From the very beginning of existence, mankind has looked into the infinite expanse of the cosmos. People always wondered what is out there in the string of stars and constellations? All lovers of astronomy and science get ready! Mars Mission Chief Pilot Kenny Star is recruiting a crew to fly to Mars! Strange radio signals have been received from the red planet! Who or what is sending them? Do you think UFOs exist? Only brave astronauts will be able to reach Mars and find answers to all riddles! Are you ready to join our mission?

This program is designed for up to 25 children from 4 to 10 years old.


Party Guide :

  1. Introduction: At the beginning of the program, our characters Pilot Kenny Star and James Milkyway will welcome the children and share exciting news. They will inform the kids that they are looking for a team of young astronauts to join a mission to Mars scheduled for the year 2030.

  2. Astronaut Training Activities: The main portion of the program will feature a series of thrilling and interactive games designed to challenge the young astronauts. We have prepared four to five exciting activities that will keep the children engaged and encourage their creativity and teamwork skills. These games will simulate astronaut training and space missions, making the party an adventurous experience.

  3. Balloon Twisting: After the games, Austranuts will showcase their creative skills in balloon twisting, delighting the kids with mesmerizing balloon sculptures.

  4. Cake Cutting: To conclude the Astronauts Party, we will gather together for a special cake-cutting ceremony. The cake will be specially designed to fit the space theme, and the children will be excited to celebrate the successful completion of their cosmic journey.

We supply everything needed for the entertainment as well as a loudspeaker with party music. If you have special gifts you would like our performers to use please communicate this with us in advance.


1h 30 min

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