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About Us

The team

Kseniia Postolnik
CEO & Founder

Our founder Kseniia has been juggling multiple things for the Fun Cloud Events thanks to her versatile skills and talents. A passionate photographer at heart, a thoughtful manager by day, and a kind human being 24/7, Kseniia has a background in teaching children as well as active volunteering work.


It was the volunteering project in Hati Nurani orphanage on the Sumba island in Indonesia back in 2019 that inspired Kseniia to start a business that would make children happier. Deeply touched by what she saw, after coming back to California, Kseniia joined creative forces with her colleague Andrei who had an experience with children's performances and a passion for working with kids. 

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Andrei Lomaka
Creative Director & Artist

Andrei has been working in the entertainment industry as a creative and a performer since 2009. Working with children is his true calling and passion - both professionally and personally (he is a father to a little girl Daria).


Right from the start, Andrei wins children's hearts with his charisma, kindness, and energy. And Andrei doesn’t stop here: with a curious mind of a child, he is a life-long learner investing much time and dedication in his own education. How to understand a child? How to surprise and engage the child? Andrei will always find the answers.

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Daniil Lyapin
Content Producer & Artist

Easy-going, fun, and optimistic, our amazing bearded performer Danny graduated with a Film and TV Production major - just to discover himself in a theater setting a couple years later.


He instantly loved being a performer because he appreciated the idea of making children laugh and being in the present moment. Danny sees cups half full and his motto in life is “Keep it easy and busy” (he stands by it).

Giving Back

A portion of Fun Cloud Events profits enthusiastically supports Hati Nurani orphanage on Sumba, Indonesia. Check out Kseniia's Sumba Happiness Journey project!

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