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Dark forces are awakening! Who can save the city and all the inhabitants from the impending danger? Only these guys! Scientists and paranormal investigators! We offer you to plunge into the exciting atmosphere of adventure and mysteries, to meet face to face with the unknown world of ghosts and unusual creatures. And most importantly, a new team of hunters must save the city from the invasion of ghosts. Participants will have to overcome their fears, learn how to make fast decisions, cope with all the obstacles in their path and, of course, solve many riddles, mysteries and catch all the ghosts!

This program is designed for up to 25 children from 5 to 10 years old.


Party Guide :

  1. Introduction: At the beginning of the program, Ghostbusters Spengler and Stantz will warmly greet the children. They will share important news with them, explaining that they have detected paranormal activities in the area and believe it to be caused by ghosts. This interactive session will allow the kids to feel personally involved in the thrilling adventure.

  2. Flash Mob: During this segment, the children will participate in a lively and energetic flash mob, adding a touch of excitement and movement to the program.

  3. Active Games and Dances: The main portion of the program will revolve around engaging and interactive games designed to challenge the kids and keep their spirits high. We have prepared four to five exciting games, including an obstacle course, limbo, ghost tag (using air ghost guns), and more. These games will not only entertain the children but also ignite their imaginations and teamwork skills, creating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere throughout the event.

  4. Balloon Twisting: After the games, Spengler and Stantz will showcase their creative skills in balloon twisting, delighting the kids with mesmerizing balloon sculptures. The children will be thrilled to receive their own magical creations, adding an element of wonder and joy to the festivities. Check our video of the Ghostbusters Program.

We supply everything needed for the entertainment as well as a loudspeaker with party music. If you have special gifts you would like our performers to use please communicate this with us in advance.


1h 30 min

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