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Attention, very dangerous fugitives are wanted. They call themselves - MINIONS.

Special signs:

  • short height 

  • yellow color

  • silly but smart

  • favorite treat - bananas

If you have any information about their location, please call the authorities immediately!

This program is designed for up to 15 children (1 performer), 30 children (2 performers) from 3 to 9 years old. 1 performer - $450 2 performers - $600


Party Guide :

1.Introduction: As the program kicks off, the Minions Kevin and Bob make a lively entrance, catching the children by surprise. Bursting with energy, they have important news to share. Explaining their recent misadventure, the Minions describe how they accidentally set Grew's Laboratory on fire, leading to its destruction. Grew, in his fury, decides to kick them out. Undeterred, the Minions are now on a quest to find a new home and a new boss. Adding a delightful twist, they announce their plan to ask a birthday girl or boy to be their new boss, and their friends at the party will become the newest members of the Minion crew. Their animated storytelling and comedic flair set the stage for an engaging and humorous journey, promising a memorable adventure for all.

2.Flash Mob:

During this segment, children will participate in a lively and energetic Minion flash mob dance, adding excitement and movement to the program.

3.Crafty Minion Drawing - Creative Adventures:

Kids can express their artistic flair by drawing and coloring their very own Minion masterpieces. This crafty activity adds a touch of artistic fun to the program.

4. Active Games and Mischievous Activities:

The heart of the Minions program is filled with engaging and interactive games designed to challenge the kids and infuse the atmosphere with laughter and excitement. Get ready for a series of four lively games that promise to entertain and spark the children's imaginations, fostering teamwork and creating a vibrant atmosphere.

- Crazy Banana - Dexterity Challenge: Let the chaos begin with Crazy Banana! In this game, children will showcase their dexterity skills by navigating through a banana-filled obstacle course.

- Banana Cheese - Obstacle Extravaganza: Join the Minions in a hilarious obstacle course named Banana Cheese. Kids will navigate through a whimsical setup, filled with banana-themed challenges and obstacles. Laughter is guaranteed as they twist, turn, and conquer the Banana Cheese course. - Banana Shake - Parachute Fun:

Get ready for Banana Shake, a parachute game that adds an element of surprise. - Minion Obstacle Challenge - Overcoming the Chaos:

Conclude the active games with the Minion Obstacle Challenge, where kids will face a series of mischievous obstacles inspired by the Minions' antics. From banana hurdles to Minion maze challenges, this obstacle course brings the program to an energetic and thrilling close.

5. Balloon Twisting: After the games, Minions will showcase their creative skills in balloon twisting, delighting the kids with mesmerizing balloon sculptures. Each child will receive their unique balloon creation, adding wonder and joy to the festivities.

We supply everything needed for the entertainment as well as a loudspeaker with party music. If you have special gifts you would like our performers to use please communicate this with us in advance.

This program is designed for up to 15 children (1 performer), 30 children (2 performers) from 3 to 9 years old.

1 performer - $450

2 performers - $600


1h 30 min

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