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Transylvania Vacation

Join Dracula and his trusty companion Franky on an unexpected adventure in search of the perfect location for their new hotel. What they stumble upon is far from their usual dark and gloomy surroundings – it's a lively, festive celebration filled with fun and treats!

While this may not be what they were originally looking for, Dracula is renowned for throwing the most epic parties in all of Transylvania, and Franky is the undisputed king of unbridled dancing. Together, they promise a party experience like no other!

Get ready for a thrilling journey to Transylvania, where every party becomes a memorable holiday thanks to Dracula and Franky's unique charm and infectious energy. Join us for a fang-tastic time you won't forget! The program is designed for up to 25 children from 6 to 10 years old.


Party Guide: 1. Introduction:

At the start of the program, Dracula and Frankenstein will mysteriously appear, surprising the children. They'll share important news, explaining that they were in search of a new location for a hotel but accidentally ended up at the birthday party. Dracula assures everyone that they'll stay because nobody can throw better parties than him! This interactive session immerses the kids in a thrilling adventure.

2. Flash Mob:

During this segment, children will participate in a lively and energetic flash mob dance, such as the Macarena, adding excitement and movement to the program. 3. Active Games and Dances: The main part of the program will feature engaging and interactive games designed to challenge the kids and keep their spirits high. Four to five exciting games are prepared, including a spider net obstacle course, Snake limbo, a "Guess Who Is This Monster" game, and more. These games entertain the children while sparking their imaginations and teamwork skills, creating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere.

4. Balloon Twisting:

After the games, Dracula will showcase their creative skills in balloon twisting, delighting the kids with mesmerizing balloon sculptures. Each child will receive their unique balloon creation, adding wonder and joy to the festivities.

With this engaging and exciting program, your Dracula-themed birthday party promises to be a spooktacular adventure for all the young guests in attendance! We supply everything needed for the entertainment as well as a loudspeaker with party music. If you have special gifts you would like our performers to use please communicate this with us in advance.


1h 30 min

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